Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spriting Around by, Martin Tomback

"Life's too hard! That's the reason for this book. People are suffering who could be helped by the ideas here. So I've been persistent at picking at these thought till they showed themselves...hopefully with a sense of our common destiny..." -Excerpt from Summary.

When I was approached by "Mark" to review this book, I was a bit shaky about reviewing this book, because I haven't read a self-help book before, other than my bible from Church. But I thought to myself, I may has well give this book a chance and I am glad I did. This book is perfect for that struggling teen who is trying to find out who they are. This book talks about money, love, personal purpose, and much more! Plus, it's humorous too and shows the good side to life! This book is definitely a must-read!