Friday, June 5, 2009

The Debutante by, Kathryn Williams

"Between SAT and college applications, senior year can be stressful. Throw in a massive move, a best friend's betrayl, and poofy white fresses, and you have the makings of a Lifetime original movie. Unfortunately, for seventeen-year-old Annie McRae, this is no television's her life.

Mere weeks before the start of what's supposed to be the best year of high school, Annie's parents inform her they're Beauforty, Alabama, land of deep-fryers, "debs", and worst of all, her grandmother. It's enough to send this true-blue Connecticut Yankee running for the Mason-Dixon Line. And before she can say "y'all," Annie learns she'll be trading in her cords for a debutante dress-or risk losing her ticket to college and out of the south." -From, The Debutante.

First things first, I absolutely loved the summary for this book. I actually thought it was fresh, funky, and hilarious, especially the part about the "Lifetime Original Movie"; that really made me want to read the book. I also really liked how it pulled me in; yes, I know it's strange to first discuss the summary, but I believe a summary can really make a decision, and I hope, after reading this summary, you decide to read this book-It's great!

OK, so I have to admit, I absolutely love the heroine of this story, Annie McRae; Kathryn did such an amazing job working in the eyes of a young, hip teenage girl and making her come alive. I love how I felt like Annie was a real person and I felt as if she was talking to me; her own unique voice shown through the story. Her sarcasm and jokes we're pretty clever as well, and Annie is such a great character, that you'll never want to put the book down. I also liked the "metamorphosis", so to speak, of her changing into a debutante. It was pretty impressive.

I think anyone who reads this book will be very pleased; with an original storyline and unique characters, you will never want to put this book down! I loved the whole "training sequence"; it reminded me of the Princess Diaries by, Meg Cabot; not by the writing style or anything of that source, but just the character and spunkiness that spoke through the section. This book really does give Kathryn a promising future in the writing business and I hope to read more of her books again.

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